• City Lights and Bird Migration

    Light pollution used to be something that interfered with star gazing and I always loved to be able to get away from the city and look up at the night sky. Sadly, light pollution is growing in North America by up to 10% per year and has far greater ramifications than most of us knew.…

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  • Killer Cats

    You may not realize that your domestic cat is part of a worldwide epidemic that is responsible for the death of a staggering number of beneficial animals each year. We think of cats as going after mice and rats. We encourage feral cats into our farmlands and orchards to help rid us of those particular…

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  • Christmas Bird Count

    Saturday, December 16th is the annual Christmas Bird Count for Kittitas Audubon. Teams will be counting every bird they can spot. At the end of the day all will gather for a potluck at Hal Holmes where species are tallied, and final numbers are submitted. Whether you count or not, you are all invited to…

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