• Owl Nest Box

    Build an Owl Nest Box Making an owl nest box can be a rewarding project for both bird enthusiasts and conservationists. Here’s a general guide on how to make one: Materials Needed: Wooden plank or sheet (preferably untreated wood) Instructions: Choose the Right Design: There are various designs for owl nest boxes, but generally, they […]

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  • Washington Birds

    Birds in Washington State The state of Washington has the most diverse population of birds in the United States, with an approximate 550 different species. It is one of the leading destinations for migratory birds. There are several factors as to why Washington is such a popular hangout for our feathered friends. Ecological Diversity: Washington’s […]

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  • February General Meeting

    Thursday February 15th 7:00 PM @ Hal Holmes 20 YEARS OF FIELD RESEARCH ON THE WHITE-HEADED WOODPECKER IN WASHINGTON In Washington, the White-headed Woodpecker is listed as a species of concern due to its association with old-growth ponderosa pine forests. Although White-headed Woodpeckers have recently been documented inhabiting early to middle aged managed forests, information […]

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