Kittitas Audubon Climate Change and Native Plants

Climate Change and Native Plants

Using native plants to preserve birds and protect homes

In September, 2014, National Audubon released a special issue report, “Birds and Climate Change”. Using sophisticated climate models that combined decades of observations from Christmas Bird Counts and North American Breeding Bird Survey while factoring in 17 climate variables, Audubon forecasts a very shocking future for birds: 314 species are at risk from climate change due to loss of habitat in their current ranges! Of these, 189 bird species occur in Washington State and over 50 occur in Kittitas County!

Kittitas Audubon organized a committee to gather and distribute information about climate change and what our local chapter and members can do to help birds. Many activities have taken place, including invited speakers, presentations, and coordination with other like-minded organizations. Check back here for notifications on future events and activities.

Eastern Washington is a beautiful but fragile ecosystem hosting millions of acres of important bird habitat. As global warming continues, water conservation for both birds and people becomes a priority issue of concern for all residents. Wildfires are predicted to increase with climate change, especially in shrub-steppe, threatening critical bird habitat, private property and homes.

The KAS Climate Change Committee received a grant from National Audubon. Two deliverables are a brochure and a guide book, about using native plants around homes, community parks, schools, and churches to provide food and shelter for birds. Drought- tolerant and fire-resistant native plants are featured.

A short version of the guide can be downloaded using this link: Download the short Native Plants Guide as a PDF.

If you would like to download a full copy of the guide, "Using native plants to preserve birds and protect homes under a changing climate scenario" click on the following link: Click to download complete Native Plants Guide as a PDF